The name of the organization is The Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida (aka CMB Society of Florida).

Purpose The purpose of the Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida is:

  • To create awareness of the CMB designation and promote membership in the MBA’s CMB society.

  • To encourage and enhance networking relationships.

  • To encourage diversity.

  • To encourage qualified individuals to pursue the CMB designation.

  • To provide more opportunities for prospective CMBs to learn what it means to be a CMB.

  • To provide mentors and proctors for CMB candidates.

  • To provide a networking opportunity for Florida CMBs to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas.

  • To educate ourselves on national and local issues affecting our industry.

  • To act to influence positive change.

Membership in the Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida is divided into two categories:

A) Regular Members, who have achieved the CMB designation; and

B) Candidate Members who are working towards attaining their CMB

The Society Meetings are typically breakfast meetings and are held during the Eastern Secondary Conference and Annual Convention of the MBA of Florida.