Information for Consumers

The MBA of Florida is a professional trade association comprising of financial institutions, associate and individual members whose goal is to adhere by and promote high ethics, industry education and professionalism within the mortgage banking community. Many Americans still realize home ownership is a part of the dream, we are here to provide you with the avenue to that  destination.

The MBAF does not provide opinions or legal advice on personal mortgage situations. We are a volunteer association and our members strive for complete adherence to all state and federal rules and practice and hold ourselves with up to high compliance and standards of practice.

For consumer complaints or concerns please visit the links below. If you need assistance in locating a certain member or navigating where to go for help please email

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

CFPB Video’s: 5 Steps to Ask for Mortgage Forbearance Due to the Coronavirus

Better Business Bureau

Protect Yourself Against Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Fraud

 Report Mortgage Fraud in Florida


Florida Office of Financial Regulation

Assisted Living Information for Florida