Welcome To The Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida

Since 1952 the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida (MBAF) has integrated the state’s diverse real estate finance industry into a unified service organization.

The MBAF is committed to promoting sound and ethical business practices in the mortgage banking industry; educating its members in the most up-to-date practices and methods, providing a powerful and responsible presence in Florida’s legislative arena; so members can grow and mature in their careers; serving as a forum for communication and social interaction among peers; and adapting to change in order to help mortgage bankers succeed in their industry.

The Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the Mortgage Banking Industry through a proactive relationship with Federal and State legislators, industry agencies, and other housing trade organizations. Our members are kept informed about changes in mortgage laws and pending legislation. Our standing committees provide seminars, meetings, and general information, for the purpose of education for our members and the public.

We encourage membership with our State Association and our local chapters throughout the state. It is our members that drive this association and make sure to keep their industry a viable and continued future successful career option for our youth.

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